Fall Down

You jump cheerfully.
Your destination gate has been seen.
The top of the gate popped up beautifully in your eyes.

Oh, look!

Clouds circled the fence.
Green trees line the road.

Oh, how beautiful!

You’re so happy
You almost achieved your goal with glitter.

But you fell!
Suddenly you fall.

Then a whirl of movement,
mix of color and dust,
take you disappear.
Steer clear of the gate of your destination.

Where are the trees?
Where are the soft clouds?
Where is the high gate?

You cry.

Then you get up.
Determined to start the journey
reach the gate,

This time don’t fail!

And if you stumble,
get up again.
Keep smiling.

The gate will always be there for you.

cr: pinterest

Published by Eldhiya Ghaits

believe that words can change the world-

21 thoughts on “Fall Down

  1. Good morning ma’am,
    Thank you for this poem. A very well written and motivational post.
    I would be very glad if you review my articles on Wonder.
    Thank you for your time ma’am.
    Best wishes for your writing journey.


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